Nicotine Base USP/EP

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Nicotine Base USP/EP

Nicotine Base

Uses: Nicotine Base is used in the manufacture of nicotine complexes for use in tobacco substitutes including Electronic Cigarette, Nicotine patches, Nicotine gums and Nicotine Lozenges.

Nicotine Base Distilled From a Natural Product

Product Quality Batch Quantities Regulatory
Nicotine Base USP EP Up to 450 kgs USDMF, EDMF, CEP
  • BGP manufactures nicotine base under cGMP conditions.
  • Nicotine is a clear, colourless liquid, extracted from the tobacco leaf and manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.

High-Quality Nicotine Base Manufacturer

Whether you create e-cigarette liquids, nicotine patches, gums or any other nicotine replacement product, finding a source of high-grade nicotine is vital to the success of your operation. We are a well-established company that makes a number of different nicotine base options. Each one is created to an exceptional standard and has been devised for a specific purpose. No matter what type of nicotine you’re looking for, we can meet your needs.

Nicotine Base Supplier Offering a Wide Menu of Products

In addition to our nicotine base USP and nicotine base EP, we also offer nicotine sulphate, nicotine alkaloid and nicotine bitartrate dihydrate. This comprehensive selection ensures that no matter what your intended application might be, we can provide the solution. From lozenges through to patches, gum and more, our nicotine options ensure that your products benefit from high-quality and consistently pure active ingredients.

We Put Quality at the Heart of What We Do

Our aim is to ensure that every customer receives the purist nicotine compounds we can create, manufactured in an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly manner that minimizes our carbon footprint and emissions. We operate stringent quality control processes, ensuring that each batch of nicotine that we create is a premium addition to your product lines. With separate areas in the lab for testing and high-spec equipment that includes High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Infra-red spectrophotometers, we are ideally placed to develop the exceptional nicotine base products you need for sustainable success.

Nicotine Base Manufacturer with Competitive Prices

Not only is our nicotine exceptionally pure, it’s also affordable and easy to access. We do everything we can to keep overheads low; by cutting prices without ever compromising on the quality of the service you receive, we aim to offer each customer a fantastic product for less than you might imagine. To find out more or to place an order, call us at +91-2646-651287/88.