Well-Known Nicotine Salts Manufacturer

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Well-Known Nicotine Salts Manufacturer

We are a leading provider of active pharma ingredients that are suitable for a wide range of different applications. Our aim is to provide every customer with top-quality ingredients, made using rigorous quality control in our modern, technologically advanced facilty. With a strong emphasis on environmentally responsible production and sustainable solutions, we provide companies with the active chemical compounds they need to make nicotine replacement gums, lozenges, patches and similar products.

ISO14001-OHSAS 18001 Certified Nicotine Supplier

As well as being TUV Nord ISO 140001 and OHSAS certified, our facilities are also approved by COFEPRIS ,WHO-GMP and USFDA inspected.. Our company is proud to hold USDMF and CEP for Nicotine and Nicotine Polacrilex. Over the years we have invested heavily in our equipment, furnishing our laboratories with advanced technology that helps us to create pure, high-grade nicotine products. Our dedicated facility minimizes the risk of cross-contamination; dedicated areas and utility lines both help to ensure that when you buy from us, you are investing in some of the best nicotine compounds on the market.

Nicotine Products Manufacturer that Offers a Good Selection of Products

In addition to nicotine production, we also create a number of different nicotine derivatives, including nicotine polacrilex USP, nicotine resinate EP, nicotine ditartrate dihydrate and potassium nitrite. Each product we create is made in carefully controlled conditions by our expert team. Some of our products are suitable for timed release nicotine delivery, whereas others are soluble, making them ideal for lozenges. No matter what your requirements may be, when it comes to nicotine replacement, we can meet them.

Well-Known Nicotine Salts Manufacturer

With over forty years of successful buisness behind us, we are proud of our reputation for excellent products and obliging, responsive customer service. To find out more about our products or discuss your requirements with us in more detail, call us at +91-2646-671200 or email us on jbpatel@bgpgroup.biz