Why Can Nicotine Bitartrate Dihydrate Help People Quit Smoking?

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Most people are aware of how difficult it is to give up the habit of smoking. Despite the fact there are many harmful substances in the average cigarette, the pleasure nicotine provides someone creates difficulty in giving up.

Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate is not known to the average smoker. However, anyone who has used nicotine replacement therapies such as lozenges would understand how powerful they can be in supporting an attempt to quit.

A Form of Nicotine That is Water Soluble

When nicotine is created in this form, it is presented as a salt that easily dissolves in water. When added to a lozenge as the active ingredient, it gives people who are trying to quit smoking the chance to ingest that nicotine in an easy manner. As they suck the lozenge, the salt dissolves in their saliva.

Fast Ingestion of Nicotine is Possible

Smokers who want to stop often have trouble getting past their cravings. Having lozenges in their pocket gives them a fast way to combat the cravings without needing to go outside to use an electronic cigarette. Nicotine bitartrate dihydrate also ensures they can get the nicotine they crave without resorting to a cigarette.

High-Quality Nicotine Ensures a High-Quality Result

When someone wants to stop smoking, they often choose a convenient form of nicotine replacement therapy to help ease them on their journey towards better health. Lozenges are often ideal for those who cannot take time away from their workplaces to vape. However, the quality of the nicotine used in the lozenges is important. It should meet all regulations concerning the creation of the nicotine, but it should also provide the user with the best experience. Professional sources of nicotine bitartrate dihydrate made under strict conditions ensure this result is always achieved.