Our Commitment To Producing Quality Nicotine Products

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At BPG, our goal is and always has been the production of quality nicotine products. Throughout our three and a half decades in the industry, we have expanded the range of nicotine products we offer whilst maintaining our commitment to quality control in both processes as well as our end products.

We specialize in quality nicotine products from nicotine base and salts through to nicotine polacrilex. Additionally, BPG offers potassium nitrate, sennosides, and powdered Centella Asiatica extract.

Why Quality Matters

All of our products are manufactured under cGMP regulations. This means we use the latest in technology, systems, and processes to ensure quality throughout production. Our facilities meet rigorous FDA (Federal Drug Administration) standards that are recognised internationally.

We also utilize a comprehensive Quality Assurance section that is operated independently. The role of this independent monitoring system is to test and ensure the level of quality we require throughout the entire supply chain. These tests are done randomly and assess the quality of raw ingredients to the quality of the final product.

The raw materials, systems, and finished products also go through our internal quality control testing. This includes chemical and microbiological testing as well as instrumentation testing to ensure consistent quality nicotine with every batch we produce.

At BGP, we strive to exceed regulatory and compliance standards throughout our production systems. We understand that when we focus on quality control, our customers receive the best nicotine products on the market.