Do You Know What to Look for When Purchasing Nicotine Base USP?

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If you have never purchased a nicotine base USP before, you may run into some issues before you make your first purchase. Even though you know you need the base for your nicotine replacement therapies, do you know what to look for when sourcing a supplier?

Here, we find out the answers to that question.

Does the Source Feature the Letters USP and EP?

USP relates to the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (commonly abbreviated to USP when mentioned in association with products). EP stands for European Pharmacopeia. If the nicotine base USP you are looking to purchase has both these abbreviations attached, you know the product has met all essential regulatory requirements and is safe for you to use.

Can You Read a Data Sheet on the Product?

All reputable manufacturers should provide their customers with a detailed sheet of information in an easy-to-read format. This should contain information on compliance and regulatory topics, along with details of purity and water content.

How Much Can You Purchase?

Your requirements are important to consider. Some companies require far less than others, depending on the extent of their product range. Their position in the market is important too, as some are far bigger than others. This makes it important to find out how much nicotine base USP can be purchased in a single transaction. It should be possible to buy hundreds of kilos if desired, although some need far less than this at a time.

The more you know about the manufacturer that creates the product, the easier it is to know what you are buying. They should also be happy to answer any queries you have about your order, both before and after you place it. That is the mark of a good supplier.